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David Niu: Dragons need to consider Kogarah fans


Former St.George half David Niu has thrown his support behind Kogarah’s Jubilee Stadium in the wake of the Dragons’ decision to relocate to Homebush in 2008.

Mr Niu, the Chief Executive Officer of the American National Rugby League, believes that the Dragons’ decision to abandon Kogarah doesn’t consider the needs of Dragons’ supporters.

“The decision to move games to Homebush must be tough for local fans to appreciate,” Niu said.

“Whilst I can understand the financial implications for the football club, I am not sure these truly consider the vast Dragons’ fan base.”

Niu, who attended school at James Cook High, has a special affinity with Jubilee Stadium and played in the match against Parramatta in 1990 when the new Kogarah grandstand was opened in front of 18,172 supporters.

He has fond memories of representing St.George at Kogarah and also participating in High School and junior matches at the Dragons’ spiritual home.

“Kogarah Oval is a special place, with a unique, loyal audience of supporters who deserve to watch their team play at home no matter what the circumstances, especially given the history of moving games away from the area in years past.”

“The Dragons should be making every effort to ensure that NRL matches are played at Kogarah next year, and that Kogarah season ticket-holders that don't want to go to Homebush in 2008 are looked after by the Club in 2009.”

Niu also praised the ongoing work of the R2K campaign:

“Good luck with your efforts, you guys do a wonderful job for Saints fans throughout the rugby league world.”

Niu last played at Kogarah in 2004 when the USA Tomahawks played in the second “Joanne Mackay Helping Hand Cup” to help fund breast cancer research.


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