So What Exactly is Casinomeister?

So What Exactly is Casinomeister online

Casinomeister is a website dedicated to maintaining fair play at online casinos. Established in 1998, the website is where those who feel they have been treated unfairly at online casinos may voice their concerns. All complaints are investigated, and if the website believes that there is truth to the concern; the online casino is added to a list of suspicious entities.

Likewise, any casino that is seen to be not living up to its promises, offering games that are unreliable or unfair, or is in any other way improper, the Casinomeister website will make it known.

There is also a list of accredited online casinos that have perfect records of fairness, allowing those that are new to the online gambling world direct access straight to the cream of the crop. The website welcomes feedback and participation from the public, and keeps its lists updated on a daily basis.

Or more information about the casinos listed on the website, please contact the customer support centre. Online casinos that feel they have been unfairly blacklisted may also contact the website administrators.

Casinomeister Accredited List

Along with handling thousands of complaints and recovering money on behalf of online gamblers, Casinomeister also lists those that have perfect reputations and offer good service. In order to jump directly to these casinos, click the accredited casinos list in the upper left of the screen. Here you’ll find some of the best casinos online like River Belle casino and so much more!

Note that the website uses a rating system, based not only on the fairness of the website, but also the variety of games offered and user-friendly nature of the website design.

To see websites that have been reported and have outstanding complaints against them, click on the rogue casino list, directly to the right of the accredited casinos list.

Unfair Online Casinos

In the digital world it is very difficult for a casino to knowingly or maliciously be unfair. Software, after all, works exactly as it has been designed, with little room for unscrupulous or devious behaviour.

In fact, there is virtually no case of casino software ever doing anything other then what it was specifically designed to do. The only real problems at online casinos occur due to poor communication between one device and another. Online casino work, after all, based on a steady stream of communication.

It can be issue, therefore, when that stream of communication breaks down. If an online gambler wins a hand of digital poker, for example, but communication is interrupted before the payment is made, that payment amount may be lost.

It is how the online casino responds to this situation that determines if that establishment is fairly treating its players. It is very important to keep in mind that every online gambling transaction has a serial code attached, which can generally be seen at the lower part or bottom part of the screen.

If problems occur, this serial number should immediately be taken note of. When reporting the problem to the casino, quoting this serial number is absolutely essential. It can’t be expected that an online casino will respond to every complaint of lost money without proof that the transaction took place.