A Glance at Making Your Own Foldable Poker Table Top

Making Your Own Foldable Poker Table Top

If you enjoy a game of poker with your friends and would like to have a permanent but not so obvious poker table in your home, here is our easy DIY.

Often when ordering a readymade poker table, the size is all wrong for the proportions of your home. Yes you do love poker but no you do not want a poker table to be the entire focus is you living room. So start practising your poker at a few of the online casinos like trying out baccarat in demo mode, because once your friends see your amazing DIY Poker table, they will be at your home playing every weekend.

If you already have a suitable size table, consider making yourself a foldable table top that can be added and removed to your current table. Otherwise add some foldable legs to the list of materials need and attach to your table top once completed.

Materials Needed:

2 pieces of plywood

Poker speed cloth (order online for correct poker felt material)

Two pieces 1/4 inch foam (sized to each side of your table)

2 to 3 hinges


Spray adhesive

Staples and staple gun


How to Assemble Poker Table

How to Assemble:

Step 1

after measuring your current table, purchase two pieces of plywood the same size as your current table top (if you do not have a jigsaw or other cutting tools at home, get your hardware store to cut to your size and shape specifications).

Step 2

Measure and cut your 1/4 inch foam for the table top, use the spray adhesive and secure the foam to each set of plywood (make sure you work in a ventilated room and let the spray adhesive dry before moving on to the next step)

Step 3

To cover your two halves of the table in the speed cloth, lay each piece of cloth face down on a flat surface and place the one side of the table top foam down onto the material. Carefully fold and staple the material to the back of the table, ensuring you pull the material tight and trying to fold the corners neatly. Repeat on both sides of the table top.

Step 4

Connect the two sides of the table top. Lay the two pieces of table side by side, mark where the hinges will be placed on both table to ensure the sides are even and flush. Screw the hinges on and double check the table is flush and secure. If you want to get fancy, you can purchase black material and cover the bottom of the table so that the staples and trim does not show

Step 5

Attached two handles to each edge of the table, to make it easier to carry…and you are done!

This is just a basic Poker table top to use at your next poker match, there are many more options and features that can be added make your DIY poker table shine.


– get custom art for your table top felt, order some great casino style art to add to the felt online

– add a custom foam rail by cutting 1 inch foam to the size of your tables edge, cover the foam in vinyl and use spray adhesive to secure the cushion rail to the edge of the table top.

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