Genie’s Gems Video Slots Game

Genie’s Gems Video Slots Game

Genie’s Gems is a video slots game offerings its players five reels and five pay lines to play on. It was designed and developed by Microgaming, one of the world’s leading casino software manufacturers.

The game offers a Genie feel to it, presenting players with Arabian carpets, magic lamps, and sparkling gem stones.

Layout of the Game

The layout of Genie’s Gems is relatively simple. Players will be presented with a five by three grid with a purple colour scheme. The main playing screen includes the game’s titles at the bottom as well as a variety of controls and setup functions. Graphics used in the Genie’s Gems game are simple, with two-dimensional symbols presented.

Symbols and Payouts

There are nine symbols in total that appear in the Genie’s Gems video slots game. There are no special symbols per se, and players will not be able to make use of wild or scatter symbols. That said, the payouts of the symbols in play are generous.

The symbols include the standard online keno NZ value playing card symbols, as well as some more theme-specific symbols. The four poker value card symbols include the ten, jack, queen, and the king. The five theme-related symbols include an Arabian carpet, a minaret, a magic lamp, a gem stone, and the magical Genie himself. The Genie is depicted wearing a purple turban, with a little goatee and gold earrings.

The standard poker value playing card symbols represent the lower value symbols with the smaller payouts. The icon of the ten card will pay out a winning prize for just two matching symbols. Landing two ten symbols will pay out one credit. Landing three will pay out two credits. Landing four will pay out ten credits. Finally, landing five will pay out one hundred credits. This is the lowest paying symbol of the game. The card symbols will increase, with the king paying out the most at five hundred credits for landing five kings in a winning combination.


The theme-related symbols are the higher value symbols. Of these, the minaret pays out the least, with one thousand credits for five symbols on an active pay line. The carpet symbol pays out a maximum of one thousand five hundred credits, while the magic lamp symbol will pay out two thousand five hundred credits for five symbols.

The highest paying symbol is the Genie symbol and the blue gem stone. The gem stone will pay out a maximum of five thousand credits for landing five in a row. The Genie symbol will pay out the game’s maximum jackpot of ten thousand credits for landing five in a row.

Determining the Bets and Payouts

Winning combinations are landed by hitting three or more symbols on an active pay line.

Wins are calculated by multiplying the number of coins bet on the spin by the number of coins bet per pay line. This means that the more a player bets, the more the prizes will be.

Bets begin at a total of 1.25 for five lines, with a maximum bet of twenty-five coins.