History of Rugby Betting Down Under

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in Australia and can be considered a true national sport. In the world of sports betting, rugby union and league betting is responsible for binging in a significant percentage of all the wagers in Australia. But exactly how did rugby become so popular and why do punters jump at the chance to bet on every match? To answer this question, we have to go back to the origins of rugby down under and follow its progress into the twenty first century.

If you are not familiar with the sport, the first thing you have to know is about rugby is that Australia has two distinct forms of rugby, namely rugby union and rugby league. Rugby union is a slower form of the game where teams focus on possession and slowly moving the ball across the field to score a try. Rugby league on the other hand is a faster paced game with fewer players and with more a focus on scoring goals and tries.

Rugby Union and League

Rugby union is the oldest form of the game with the first club being formed in 1864. It wasn’t until 1908 that rugby league was introduced into the country. Today rugby league is the more popular form of the game with millions of viewers tuning in for every match for NZ online betting. Betting on rugby came about naturally as any wager would on a sporting match. Whether official or unofficial, rugby betting has been practiced for over 100 years.

Union Competitions and Bets

With rugby union, there are a number of local and international competitions that bring in rugby bets. Perhaps the biggest rugby event is the Rugby World Cup. During a world cup, ruby bets skyrocket with thousands of punters getting in on the action. When the Word Cup is not being played, Super Rugby takes over as the most popular betting competition. To add to this, there is the Six Nations championship, a competition between six national Southern Hemisphere teams. There is also the European championship as well as the Lions Tour to keep punters happy.

Rugby League Betting

In Rugby league, the rugby League World Cup holds the highest betting action. While it only comes around every couple of years, it is responsible for a significant portion of League bets both online and at land-based betting outlets. World Cup bets include outright winner as well as group winner. Outside of the World Cup, the NRL (National Rugby League) is responsible for bringing in the most rugby bets.

The NRL premiership is an annual competition between 16 teams, 15 of which are based in Australia and a single New Zealand team. NRL premiership betting can take the form of futures bets, straight win bets as well as exotic bets throughout the year. The Challenge cup is another major Rugby League competition that take place in Europe where punters can place bets and catch the live broadcasts. Other major Rugby League competitions include the Super League as well as the State of Origin. With so many betting options in League and Union rugby, it is easy to see why Australian rugby betting is one of the biggest betting markets.