How Slots Work

How Slots Work

There are many myths as to how online slots really work.  Each online slot has a component known as the Random Number Generator and the purpose of this is to generate random sequences in millisecond intervals.  The RNG will generate random numbers each time an online casino slot player hits the spin button or hits the max bet button.

The RNG is found in all online casinos and determines the outcome of all of the online slots that a casino has to offer.  Each of these outcomes comes from a combination of algorithms and the software of the RNG.  This will determine the outcome of each and every spin and each spin has nothing to do with the previous spin.

How Does the RNG work

It is important for players to understand that slot games do not have a memory.  The RNG or any component of a slot game does not know if the player has won or lost the previous spin.  The RNG does not take into account the fact that a player has been playing online slots all day and has lost or if the player has won the jackpot.  The fate of an online slot player is in the hands of mathematical equations and the second a player hits the spin button the outcome of the spin is determined by the RNG.

When the slot player hits the spin button the RNG will begin issuing numbers at an extremely fast rate.  The outcome of the spin is solely dependent on whichever number the RNG spits out at the particular time that the player hits the button.  Using a three-reel online slot as an example, three numbers are generated by the RNG, one for each reel and each number will determine the position of each of the reels.

For those players who believe the various myths about slots, it can be seen from the above information that the result of each spin is determined by the RNG.  All the RNG software used by online casinos are put through meticulous testing to ensure that each slot game is fair and random and that there is no manipulation of the slot.  Although online slots have changed due to developments in technology the basic fundamentals of the RNG have remained the same.

External RNG Audits and Certification

Reputable online casinos, that is, casinos that are properly licensed and regulated will have regular testing by an independent 3rd party company, such as Technical Systems Testing which is now owned by Gaming Laboratories International.  These 3rd party testing companies will do evaluations on a variety of things which include the RNG, game payout verifications, full security audits as well as lottery system evaluations.  On passing these rigorous evaluations online casinos will receive a certificate which can be found on their sites.  This certificate means that all of the online casino’s games are free from external influences such as the amount of credits used to play, the size of any potential payoff or players that have VIP cards.

These certified best mobile casino Australia also adhere to the minimum payout percentages required by the gaming authorities and gaming commissions.

It is important that players understand that online slots are truly random and that there is nothing that they can do to influence the outcome of an online slot.