Online Sports Themed Cricket Star Slot Game

Stepping onto the pitch we have this Cricket Star slot game from Microgaming and as the title suggests, the theme attached to this slot is that of the bat and ball game of Cricket. On the reels of this slot game players will find various players of the game, for the most part in the middle of a blistering shot or fast paced delivery. The graphics of this slot game are pleasant, with the symbols appearing on the reels being fairly decent likenesses of the players of the game they represent. Otherwise the theme of this slot is rather straightforward, offering enough information so that the fans of this great game can assimilate and enjoy the references on the reels.

In terms of setup and play this Cricket Star online slot has a set of 5 reels, each with the various cricketers, horse racing and even fans and umpires involved. Instead of a usual pay lines system this game uses a 243 ways to win setup for the reels, which tend to make smaller wins occur a lot more frequently. On the whole this is a decent setup for the game and is made more versatile by the accompanying options and settings available to the players. There even a few bonus features to this Cricket Star slot game like free spins, Wilds and even some rolling reels.

A Sports Game Theme for the Reels

Sports are often quite entertaining to watch, especially when those watching are familiar with the game and perhaps have even played it before. With this Cricket Star slot game the appearance the players will be presented with seems to more a tribute to the game then an exploitation of the sport, meaning that the factor involved are genuine and add to the experience rather than detract. There are accompanying sound effects that play out during the game and of course include various relations to the sport at hand. The backdrop appearing behind the reels of this Cricket Star slot game involves the pitch the players ultimately play on, from one end of the wicket.

In terms of symbols, players will find that they likely recognise a few of the characters as they do seem to be modelled after some of the famous international cricketers. There are players from all sorts of teams as well as even the umpires that met out the rules of the game and even some of the enthusiastic fans cheering from the stands. Overall a decent visual contribution from the reels.

Bowling Over the Best Bonuses Available Here

Microgaming would be rather remiss if they didn’t include any bonuses on the reels of this hard hitting sports slot, fortunately though for all involved they included a couple of features. On this list is a Wild symbol, a cascading symbols feature and of course the aforementioned free spins. The cascading reels keep falling as long as new winning combinations form whilst the free spins of this Cricket Star slot game can reward the players with up to 25 free spins if they land 5 or more, white cricket balls onto the reels.