Slots and the Casino Industry

Slots and the Casino Industry

Charles Fey knew he had hit the big time with his invention of a slot machine, back in 1887. Since then, with the invention of the modern day slot machines in the 1930’s, the gambling industry has adapted accordingly and realised the worth of such a simple game.

Back in the early days of slots, the casinos demoted the machines to the perimeter of the casino floor. It was common knowledge that the slots were usually enjoyed by the women of that time, while the men dabbled in the “more serious” gambling at the roulette and blackjack tables. However in early 1970’s casino’s started realising slots’ worth, and by 1971 slots were generating almost 40% of the gaming revenue. Nowadays, in some land-based casinos, during peak hours, you can rarely see a free machine.

A small group of investors, developers and programmers saw a niche in the gambling market and in 1980 embarked on a journey that would pave the way for a revolution in gambling; online slots and video poker.

Slots Go Online

By the late 1990’s, the computerised slot machines split into two categories; online slots and land based casino games. Games that were formerly limited to casinos and gambling institutions were now freely available to anyone who was technologically able to access them. The online slots were able to offer more variety than the casino floor slots and also bigger jackpots and attractive bonus features.

Soon the very humble slot machine had evolved into a more complex machine offering more reels, bet sizes, different symbols, pay lines, and extra games on the side.

Interesting Facts And Common Slots FAQs:

  • Every online slot machine is totally random and each player will get the fairest chance at winning.
  • In Las Vegas, it is a common known fact that there is a single slot machine to each inhabitant.
  • Slot machines are designed to make you play on emotion, spend more than you can afford in the possibility that your machine is about to pay out.
  • No matter what experts say, there is no “good system” for beating the odds on an online slot. Slots results are produced by random number generators and are completely unpredictable.

Common names for slot machines:

Slots are well loved across the world and although in Canada we call them slots, there are plenty of other nicknames for these scintillating games, including:

  1. Puggy
  2. Fruit machine
  3. One-armed bandits
  4. Online Pokies (iPhone Pokies Australia)

Top Ten Reasons For The Success Of Online Gambling:

  1. There’s always a free slots game open to play.
  2. High RTP’s and big jackpots
  3. Excellent user experience; flashing lights, animations and video clips.
  4. The excitement of interaction between player and machine.
  5. The possibility to gamble without spending any real cash (Free slots).
  6. Free bonus rounds, bonus games, and random jackpots.
  7. Amazing graphics and animations.
  8. Many exciting new games each month.
  9. Ability to play anywhere, anytime.
  10. The possibility of becoming an instant millionaire just from depositing a few dollars!