About Online Joker Wild Video Poker

Joker Wild is a variation of video poker that can be played online. The game has been developed my various software developers who have created downloadable, non-downloadable and mobile versions.

This variation is based on traditional video poker rules but there is the addition of a joker playing card which can be used as a substitute for any playing card to form winning poker hands. This essentially gives the player a better chance of achieving winning poker hands.

The Basic Rules to Playing Joker Wild

A deck of fifty three playing cards is used in Joker Wild. This is because the joker playing card is added. The playing cards are shuffled before each and every deal. Multi-hand games are played with more than one deck of fifty three playing cards each. These are usually available in 10, 25 and 50 hand versions.

After the desired bets are placed on the Joker Wild hand five playing cards are dealt face up. Any playing cards that appear to make up a hopeful poker hand may be held while any other playing cards that are not desired may be discarded. New cards are then dealt to replace the discarded playing cards.

This is the final deal where the five playing cards either form a winning poker hand or not. If there is a winning poker hand it will result in a pay out which is set according to the particular poker hand and the Joker Wild video poker betting level.

The Joker Wild Poker Hand Rankings

Joker Wild video poker online casinos nz game follows the traditional poker ranking rules with the exception that the joker playing card may be used to form any of the hands. The highest paying poker hand is the natural royal flush, this means that no joker playing card is used to form the hand. Next up is the five of a kind hand which id four of a kind with a joker playing card.

The royal straight flush is a straight flush with a joker and ranks higher than the straight flush. Four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of kind, two pairs and then kings or higher are the remaining poker values listed in ranking order.

Playing Joker Wild Video Poker Online

The Joker Wild online video poker betting levels vary from game to game but they are typically up to five coins with varying values available for each coin. There are both low limit and high limit options available where bets may range from 0.10 all the way up to 50 or more.

Adjustable settings are typically found on all online video poker variants and may vary according to developer. Settings such as sound, game speed, game history and gamble features are adjustable and accessible from the main screen.

Many online video poker games do come with a gamble feature where any winning amount can be double up or quadrupled. This is typically achieved by choosing one of four face down playing cards in the hopes that it is of equal value or higher than one displayed playing card. The gambled amounts are however lost when the chosen playing card is of a lower value.