An Introduction to Online Joker Poker 

Joker Poker is a variation of the classic type of video poker game. The main difference is that there is a joker playing card added to the deck which functions as a wild standing in as any of the other playing card values. This helps players achieve winning poker hands where possible.

There are therefore fifty three playing cards in a deck as opposed to the traditional fifty two that are used in many video poker games. There are a variety of online Joker Poker games that have been created by different software developers. These may be compatible with mobile operating systems and may be downloaded or played instantly in web browsers.

How to Play Online Joker Poker

Five playing cards are dealt to the player after the bets have been placed and the deal button is clicked on. The aim is to hold as high ranking a poker hand as possible, so keeping the most promising playing cards is best while those that are not needed can be discarded.

The deal button can then be clicked on again to replace the playing cards that were discarded which is then the final deal that will take place. If there is a winning Joker Poker hand present it is paid out for and the next round may then begin.

All Joker Poker bets may be placed by using the correct buttons found on the main screen. There are additional settings that may be adjusted such as sound volume levels and speed of play. The main screen will give access to all of the specific function buttons needed.

Joker Poker Winning Hand Rankings

The winning hands in Joker Poker video poker are standard but do include some additions as the joker playing card is present. The highest ranking poker hand does not include the joker playing card and is the highest across all poker and video poker games. This is the natural royal flush which is five consecutive royal playing cards of the same suit.

The second highest ranking hand is the five of a kind where four matching playing cards and a joker are present. Third is the straight flush, then four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pairs and a pair of kings or better. These poker hands may all be completed with a joker playing card.

Strategies to Use for Better Outcomes

There are certain strategies that can be implemented when playing Joker Poker online video poker and online slots Australia. These are essentially based on choosing the correct playing cards to hold that offer better odds of forming winning hands after the final deal has replaced the discarded playing cards.

The rules to these strategies include holding two or three of a kind playing cards especially if a joker has been dealt. Any three or four playing cards that make up part of a royal flush, straight flush, straight or full house should be kept. The joker playing card maybe used to form any poker hand so it should never be discarded. If there is a joker but no other hopeful playing card combinations then it is best to discard all of the playing cards apart from the joker.