Chinese Kitchen Slot Review & Guide for Players Online

Chinese Kitchen Slot Review & Guide for Players Online

Chinese Kitchen is an online slot game, featuring a unique theme and interesting play system. The visual style is based around, as the name would suggest, an eccentric Asian chef making unusual meals. The game itself uses an interesting play system not often seen with online slot machines, allowing matches to made left to right, up and down, as well as diagonally.

The play area is also fairly small in comparison to other games, using just three reels and three rows. Given the flexibility of the play lines, however, this system works intuitively and allows frequent matches to be made.

In terms of visual and sound design the game goes a long way to inject humour into the proceedings, with each symbol featuring a humorous hand drawn image of the ingredients used by the chef.

The sound design is interestingly immersive, being composed of the general ambiance heard in a restaurant. This casino game is available now to be played on desktop, mobile phone and tablet. A free version is also available, letting players learn the rules of the game before committing real money.

User Interface

The user interface for the Chinese Kitchen game is straightforward and easy to understand. The bet amount may change via the plus and minus buttons at the bottom of the screen, while spins may triggered via the spin button, found at the bottom right.

The balance window shows the total amount of the player’s account, and the wins window displays the total of any wins that have occurred for the current spin. For more detailed information about the game’s rules please click the information button, or contact the customer support centre of the website on which the game is being played.

Play Symbols And System

Sticking with the theme, the play symbols of the game all represent ingredients in a meal. This includes octopus, duck, crab, fish, and others. The crab symbol is the most valuable in the game, and will grant good payouts if matched with itself three times.

What makes Chinese Kitchen unique is that unlike other online slots Canada and other regions offer, this game allows matches to be made where they would not otherwise be possible.

For example, two crab symbols may match with a duck icon to create a winning sequence. The game refers to this as the ingredient system, and allows matches of ingredients that would go well together in a real meal.

The system may be confusing to players at first, with seemingly little reason for a winning match to be made. But, once getting used to the system, the game is intuitive and enjoyable in its eccentric design.

No Bonus systems

Chinese Kitchen has no bonus or special feature symbols of any kind.

This at first may seem to be defeating the purpose of a slot game, but given how frequent matches are made, and how many winning combinations are available, a bonus system is not necessary for good amounts of cash to be won.

The nature of the game then is more about adjusting the bet amount accordingly, rather then, aiming to trigger a certain special feature or bonus.