Costa Del Cash Slot Comprehensive Guide & Review

Costa Del Cash Slot Comprehensive Guide & Review

The Costa Del Cash online video slot is an online slot game. It features a simple visual design revolving around a coastal holiday atmosphere, but does not stand out as having impressive graphics as far as modern standards are concerned.

The game play uses a five reel, forty play line system, with bonus features in the form of a wild symbol and a scatter symbol. The sound design is also simple, but does a good job of creating a lively ambient atmosphere.

In terms of strategy and freedom of play style, the game allows the player to adjust the number of play lines, as well as the bet per individual line, which is not seen in some other online slot games.

The Costa Del Cash online pokies NZ is available now for desktop, tablet, and mobile phone. Please be sure to have an active account with funds available before attempting to play for real money.

Basic Symbols And Visuals

To bring the relaxation and sultry beauty of the coast to a online casino NZ game, the developers have used a number of classic holiday images, including bikini-clad babes and broad shouldered hunks.

As is expected of a slot game, the player must make a bet, select the lines on which to play, and spin the reels in hopes of creating matching sequences with these images, with payouts made depending on the value of the symbols making up a sequence.

The least valuable symbols in he game are the playing card symbols, which are played alongside the holiday symbols. The playing car symbols include nine, ten, jack, queen, king, and ace.

The most valuable symbols in the game are the aforementioned babe and hunk, both of which have equal high value.

Some of the other symbols are an umbrella, a cocktail, and more. In order to make real money in the Costa Del Cash online video slot, however, the player must turn their attention to the two highly lucrative bonus symbols.

Special Bonuses

The wild symbol in the Costa Del Cash online video slot is the yellow sun with the written word wild. This symbol will match with any other symbol to create a matching sequence, and will sometimes appear in rows of three, known as stacked wilds, from top to bottom. Stacked wilds allow for huge combo sequences to be created.

The big cash, however, lies with the scatter symbol, represented by a thermometer. If the scatter symbol matches with itself three times, in any position on the reels, a number of free spins will be granted to the player.

These free spins will play out automatically, with each win compounding as the spins progress.

Plus, if more free spins are landed during the free spins, by the scatter symbols matching a second time, more free spins will be added to those already existing. In this fashion free spins may go on for a great deal of time, gathering wins as they progressive for one massive payout.

For more detailed information about the game and its rules, please see the play table that can be accessed via the user interface.