Diamond Dogs Online Slots by NetEnt

Diamond Dogs, created by Net Entertainment, is an online slot game. It features high quality graphics, professional animation, and a reasonably good sound design. It is most well known, however, for its bizarre theme, which is both unusual and expertly crafted. The theme in question is based around anthropomorphic dogs, all of which seem to be living in the middle of an intriguing story.

Although the story itself is not clear, it revolves around excessive luxury, as seen from the eyes of a dog. The music, although quickly repetitive, is also pleasant, bringing the images together to make an enjoyable slot game experience. The game play features a fairly standard five reel, twenty five betting line system, but stands apart for allowing players to select their own betting lines individually. This design choice offers a deeper level of strategy in an industry that is gradually allowing the option less and less. Diamond Dogs is available for desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet.

Individual Symbol Designs

The player is sure to find lots to gape at in Diamond Dogs, not only because the graphics are in crisp, ultra-high resolution, but because the images are peculiar to say the least.

The most valuable standard symbol in the game is the luxury dog house, complete with attached swimming pool and a palm tree. If matched five times this symbol pays out a good amount, but is far less generous when matched the minimum of three times.

The second most valuable symbol is the VIP fire hydrant, followed by the diamond encrusted dog dish and bow wrapped chew toy. The remaining symbols are the traditional jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards, but even these have been stylised to look like golden dog tags.

Diamond Dogs Bonuses And Specials

The bonus symbols are where the anthropomorphic dogs can be found, and the online slots real money Canada in the game. The first is the bonus symbol, which is represented by a smart looking dog wielding a camera. Matching him will grant free bonus spins, three, hour and five, corresponding to the number o times he is matched in sequence.

The wild symbol, seen as a ferocious dog with a medallion that reads wild around his neck, will match with all other symbols as a substitute. Note that he also breaks into a charming dance when matching, quickly revealing that he is not nearly as ferocious as he looks. The symbol to really keep your eye on, however, is the scatter symbol, represented by the smartest Chihuahua you’ve ever seen. Wearing a fur coat, sunglasses and dangling earrings, this is one dog who clearly has her paws in the good life. If matched she will give an instant bonus, as well as triggering the mini-game. The higher the match, of course, the bigger the initial jackpot prize.

The mini-game, simple yet rewarding, has the player making a choice from a number of displayed symbols. Beneath some symbols are huge cash prizes, while others will end the game abruptly and return the player to the reels.