Diamond Dozen

Diamond Dozen is an online slot game, available now for mobile phone and desktop computer. It features a decidedly basic theme and the bare minimum sound, making it fairly unimpressive as far as visual spectacle goes, but in terms of strategic game play and generous payouts the game is a sure winner. The theme itself is loosely based around diamonds, which in turn lends itself to the classic notion of love and marriage.

A couple on the verge of tying the knot are present, as well as an engagement ring and red rose. Beyond that, however, the game does little else to engage or blow the player’s socks off with razzle dazzle. The sound consists of nothing more then the effects of reels spinning, and doesn’t offer even a single musical note at any stage. Match three white diamonds, however, and the vast bonus jackpot will certainly be knocking socks off in a way that flashing lights and graphics never could.

Standard Symbol Values

The graphics of the game are, as has already been said, basic. The groom, the most valuable symbol in the game, is not exactly high detail, and his goofy smile is far more creepy then appealing. But, match him the maximum of five times and the cash will be rolling in.

His bribe, a slightly more attractive individual, is the second most valuable symbol in the game, and pays out almost as much if matched the maximum of five times. The other high value picture symbols include a red rose and a ladies purse. The remaining symbols are the standard nine, ten, jack queen, king and ace of playing cards, which offer little in the way of major payouts, even if each is studded with what appear to be enormous diamonds.

Big Bonus Features

The big payouts in the game lie with the bonus symbols, and this is where Diamond Dozen really starts shinning in a big way online blackjack Canada. The giant white diamond, sparkling merrily, is the wild symbol, and will match with any other symbol to create a matching sequence. But match it with itself the maximum of five times and it will grant an instant, astronomical bonus amount.

Plus, if the white diamond wasn’t valuable enough, if three white diamonds appear anywhere on the reels, the player will be asked to click each individually. Beneath them a number will be revealed between one and ten. These numbers will multiply with each other, revealing the instant cash prize to be granted. Then there is the blue diamond, another bringer of cash prize in Diamond Dozen.

If the blue diamond is matched at least three times it will trigger the bonus mini-game, which includes twelve free spins. But, during the free spins any wins achieved are instantly doubled, then raised further according the initial bet for that spin. It is even possible to win additional spins during the free spins, which will extend the bonus game. As is clear to see, Diamond Dozen really brings it’s A game as far as winning potential is concerned.