Diamond Queen Slot Game

Diamond Queen is an online slot game, based around a beautiful sorceress and her friends, all of whom seem to be consumed with the task of uncovering a diamond wand. They are brought to life in full 3D graphics and feature professional levels of animation, making the game a delight to play. The music, however, does not reach the high levels set by the graphics, and the repetitive music accompanying each spin will quickly get annoying if not turned off.

In terms of game play Diamond Queen uses a five reel, twenty betting line system, with the player granted the freedom to select individual betting lines and a betting amount. This design choice increases the levels of strategy possible for the player, making the game an interesting and enjoyable experience.

Diamond Queen is available to play on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet. Simply search for the game at the appropriate application store and download it. Note that a free version is available, allowing players to experience the game before committing real money.

Symbol Values And Standard Play

The symbol designs, as expected in a game titled Diamond Queen, are largely based around diamonds. The most valuable symbol in the game is the written words diamond queen, topped with a diamond studded crown. This symbol will pay out a huge amount if matched the maximum of five times, and a reasonable amount if matched the minimum of three times.

Next in line is the bearded wizard, followed by the young boy, the diamond wand, and the crown. The remaining symbols, and least valuable, are the ten, jack, queen, king and ace, of playing cards. These playing card symbols are the only symbols not diamond themed, which is a bit disappointing as far as the theme of the game goes.

To really rake in the money in Diamond Queen, however, the player must turn their attention to the bonus symbols, including the Diamond Queen herself.

Bonus Symbols And Specials

The Diamond Queen is the bonus symbol, and will match with any other symbol to make winning sequences where none were previously possible. For example, a player may get two aces and a Diamond Queen for a three ace win, or even two Diamond Queens and two aces for a four ace win. Note the delightful animation when the Diamond Queen is triggered, using her wand to blast a magical spell towards the player.

The second bonus symbol in the game is the Mystical Diamond Bonus, represented by a magical scroll. If this symbol matches on the centre three reels, horse betting at least three times, the bonus game will be triggered. During the bonus game the player is granted a number of free spins, which will play out automatically. During the free spins, however, extra stacked wilds are added to the game, making winning a great deal easier for the player.

These extra wilds will also lock into place upon entering the play area, covering an entire reel from top to bottom and allowing multiple wins to be achieved. Once the free spins are done the standard game will resume.