Diamond Dreams Slot Game

Diamond Dreams is an online slot game. It is outstanding for a number of reasons, mostly because of its astonishing simplicity in a time where most slot games aim to be as dazzling and complicated as possible. In Diamond Dreams the graphics are incredibly simplistic, symbol designs as understated as possible, and sound design verging on non-existent.

The game does, however, go well out of its way to simulate a situation where the player is standing at a real world slot game. The reels appear to be in a physical machine, and what little sounds there are mostly contribute to this illusion, including the various clanks and clicks of a mechanical system at work. In terms of game play Diamond Dreams uses a tiny three reel, five betting line system, with the choice given of how many betting lines to make use of. In this way the game reveals the reasons for its simplistic design; its incredibly intuitive and very easy to understand.

Once a player gets used to the deceptive simplicity, they realise it has all been done in favour of giving the player as transparent a online slots Canada game experience as possible. Diamond Dreams is available on desktop computer and mobile phone.

Symbol Designs And Values

Veteran slot game players will recognise the symbols as being among the first to ever be used, which is sure to provide a dose of nostalgia. And this is not the only factor in terms of game play that takes a page from games long past. Each symbol may only be matched three times, no less and no more. Hence, the wins achieved are always the same depending on the symbol, further creating a sense of simplicity for an already simple game.

The most valuable symbol in the game is the diamond, and will grant a huge payout if matched. This is followed by the lucky sevens, the bells, the cherries, the triple bars and double bars, all of which have slightly less value in descending order. There is nothing more to symbols then this, and it is a case of what you see is what you get. Simply decide your betting lines, betting amount, and spin the reels. Every win will be clearly visible and understood.

Small Bonus Feature List

Having already shirked confusion up until this point, it is not surprising that Diamond Dreams offers almost no bonus or special features of any kind. There are, however, two that the player should be aware of to get the best possible game play experience.

The first is the diamond symbol, which has already been mentioned as the most valuable symbol in the game. It doubles as a wild symbol, and will match with any other symbol to create a winning sequence. For example, if a lucky seven, diamond, and lucky seven appear on the reels, a payout will be made as if three lucky sevens were matched. This applies to any symbol. The second special feature is the mismatch feature. This means that if the reels land with three completely different symbols where cherries, bells and sevens are concerned, a payout will be granted. They may be in any order.