Enchanted Unicorn Slot Review & Guide for Players Online

Enchanted Unicorn Slot Review & Guide for Players Online


Enchanted Unicorn is an online slot game, featuring a theme based around fairy tales and magic.

The graphics are good but not the best, in comparison to other more modern slot games, but the soundtrack of the game shines, providing a suitably magical ambience that suits the game perfectly.

The special feature off the game is also highly novel, involving the player choosing a characters path across a board.

In terms of play style, the game uses a fairly standard five reel, adjustable play line system, giving players the opportunity to select the number of play lines they would like to bet on manually.

The bet amount is, of course, also adjustable, allowing a level strategy and freedom that is sure to keep the game interesting for many hours.

Enchanted Unicorn is available for download now on modern smart phones and tablets, and may also be played directly in a web browser via desktop.

Note that the game may be played for free, allowing gamblers the chance to learn the game’s rules before committing any real money.

Play Symbols And Icons

Enchanted Unicorn has but a great deal of effort into creating a magical fairy tale atmosphere, and this shows in the images used for the play symbols.

The most valuable standard symbol is the handsome king, easily recognisable from his golden crown.

If matching with himself three times he will provide a fairly substantial payout, while a five time match is sure to put a smile on the player’s face.

The lesser valuable symbols include a variety of forest-based images, including acorns, roses, berries and icons.

The unicorn of the game’s title, however, is where the key lies to making some real money in this charming online game. He is also the start of a small adventure in the way of an interesting mini-game feature.

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Magical unicorn Adventures

A game with a name like Enchanted Unicorn is sure to have both unicorns and adventure in abundance, and that is delivered in this game in the form of lucrative cash prizes.

To start the adventure in this game, the Unicorn symbol must be matched at least three times in any location on the reels.

This will open a second, beautifully designed screen, showing a character setting off on a journey. Places on the map are marked; indicating the path the character will take. The player must decide the path by clicking locations, and revealing the prizes that lie beneath.

Each successful selection will grant prizes including free spins, cash, and multipliers. If selecting wrong, however, the casino game will end and the player will be returned to the slot game. The goal is to get as far as possible without being stopped, with a major cash prize waiting in the last space in the board.

The Enchanted Unicorn is of course the fastest way to get rich, but pay attention also to the lion, who is a wild symbol, and also a reliable ally.

The lion is wild and may match with any other symbol, except the unicorn, to form matching sequences.

This is a highly useful addition to the game that allows for more sequences to be matched more often. This entertaining game is available on desktop, as well as mobile pokies for real money and provides hours of entertainment to casual and more serious gamers.