Eastern Dragon Slot Comprehensive Review & Guide for Players Online

Eastern Dragon Slot Comprehensive Review & Guide for Players Online

Eastern Dragon is an online slot game created by Cryptologic. The game is based around a colourful theme of Eastern festivities, and does a good job of invoking a sense of celebration with its lovingly designed play symbols.

The sound of the game, however, is perhaps a bit overly minimalist, and it seems that an opportunity was missed by not carrying the Eastern theme through to the sound effects.

In terms of game play, Eastern Dragon uses a five reel, twenty play line system, and allows the player to manually select the number of lines they would like to bet on before each round. The bet amount is also, of course, adjustable.

After adjusting bet lines and the bet amount, the reels must be spun, after which matching sequences will potentially be created in the play area. If a match is made, it will be clearly marked with a solid line and the appropriate payout will be made.

For a more detailed explanation of the game’s rules, please click the info button on the user interface, or contact the customer support centre of the website on which the game is being played.

Exploring Standard Play

Matching sequences are created in Eastern Dragon much the same way as in any  of the online slots Australia and other places around the world offer. That is to say, symbols must be matched with themselves at least three times, and a maximum of five times, with higher payouts awarded the more symbols fall into a matching sequence.

Each symbol also has an attached value, which likewise dictates the value of a payout similarly to an online roulette game.

The symbols themselves are generally easy to identify, using bold colours and easily recognisable shapes, making the game appropriate for smart phones with small screens. In terms of value, the carp is the most valuable standard symbol, while a few traditional playing card numbers make up the lower spectrum of the value system, and are the least valuable.

The playing card numbers include nine, ten, jack, queen, king, and ace.

Some o the midrange symbols are fireworks, a Chinese lantern and a lotus blossom. To really take advantage and bring in the cash, however, the player must concentrate on the two bonus symbols; the scatter symbol and the wild symbol.

Bonus Plays For Big Cash

The wild symbol in Eastern Dragon is represented by a lucky dragon, and will match with any other symbol, except the scatter symbol, to create a matching sequence. Or example, a sequence may consist o two aces and a lucky dragon, which will payout for three aces.

Note that matches made with the lucky dragon also double in value, making it a highly useful and lucrative addition to the game. The scatter symbol, however, is where the real money lies.

The scatter symbol is represented by a gong, and may match with itself up to five times, with prizes awarded on the number of gongs in the sequence. If matching three times the player is awarded fifteen free spins, with all wins paying three times as much as usual.

If matching four times the player is awarded twenty free spins, with all wins tripled. And, if the gong matches its maximum of five times, thirty free spins are awarded with wins tripled.