A Quick Intro to Free Roulette Game

Roulette has been incredibly popular ever since it made its debut on the king’s court more than a century ago. Over the years, roulette has undergone several minor transformations and there are now an abundance of great games available for play online and at land based casinos. By going online, roulette became even more accessible and top casino developers have worked hard to ensure that exciting, realistic and innovative game options are always available.

The three main variants of roulette are French, European and American, but multi-wheel, mini games, progressive jackpot and other variants are readily on offer online. If you’ve never played this casino classic, then a free roulette game is a great place to start.

Pick your Preferred Variant

A free game will give you the chance to find a style that suits you. Although there are only subtle differences between the 3 main variants they can affect a player’s chance of winning, and if you’re looking to switch to real money gaming at some stage its best you figure out which version works best for you.

French roulette is played using French terms so you can enjoy a free roulette game and decide whether you want to keep a glossary handy or learn the phrases off by heart. French roulette also makes use of the la partage rule, and by playing for free you can learn exactly what this means.

American roulette is known to be the most challenging and is perhaps not ideal for beginners. This game has a higher house edge as it has one more numbered pocket on the wheel than either the European or French versions. Also known as Double Zero roulette due to its extra zero pocket, American roulette is more challenging and a free roulette game or two will quickly determine whether you want to try your luck at beating the odds.

European roulette is the most played version of the game online and its easy premise, the fact that it is in English and the lower house edge make it incredibly appealing. Playing a free roulette game that’s based on the European version is usually what will convince a player to give this wheel of fortune entertainment a try as its simple, fast-paced and so much fun.

Play for Free

A free roulette game is not only the best way to learn how the different styles and variants play out, it’s also ideal for anyone on a tight budget or whose looking to refine a strategy or system.

Free roulette games are just as fun as their real money counterparts, except they come with no risk, giving players the chance to relax and not worry about bankroll management or incurring any losses. Although roulette is largely based on chance there are strategies and systems that can be used to maximise the players advantage and a free game gives you the chance to put these theories to the test.

Free roulette games are generally not available in a land based casino, but they are on offer at every top online gaming site. This gives players a major advantage and makes it even easier than ever before to spin the wheel and see whether their bets prove to be correct.