The Most Popular Sports Betting in Canada

Sports Betting in Canada

Canadians are well known for their love of sports, with it often being considered that Canada is fanatical about ice hockey. But it isn’t just ice hockey that is popular in the country, with many other sports getting an almost equal amount of attention. And, of course, the sports that are the most popular are also those that tend to be bet on the most.

Let’s have a look at the most popular sports in Canada right now.

Ice Hockey

We’ve said it already, but it’s worth saying a second time; Canadians are crazy about ice hockey. Featuring a blistering fast pace, immense skill from the players, and often very unpredictable results, ice hockey is a game that can get spectators up off their seats and cheering. Hockey also happens to be the most bet on game in the country, with tens of thousands of Canadians placing bets when the league season comes round.


Lacrosse may not be very well known around the world, but is the second most popular sport in Canada. It is also a game with a fast pace and plenty of high octane action, plus it is excellent for placing bets, given that the flow of a game can change quickly and without warning. Bettors are known to be drawn to the game, and given that betting options are now available at many online bookmakers, the game is likely to see an increase in popularity with foreign countries.


Soccer betting online comes in third, but was sure to make an appearance on this list somewhere. Soccer is still the most popular sport worldwide, and sure to have t least some fans everywhere in the world. In Canada ice hockey may come in at number one, but you can be sure that when soccer world cup season comes round that Canadians are tuning in to be part of the action.

American Rules Football

Given that Canada’s neighbours are crazy about American rules football, it stands to reason that the game would have its fair share of fans in Canada as well. Football comes third on the list, but is still an extremely popular, and often bet on game.


Another sport that is popular in the United States, basket ball comes in at number five on the Canadian popularity list. And who doesn’t love a good game of basket ball? Also some punters wager with online betting. With slam dunks and intense action the order of the day, basketball is almost as fast paced as ice hockey. Almost.


Curling comes in at number six, and is another sport that many across the world probably don’t know much about. That may well be, of course, because curling needs a great deal of ice in order to be played properly. And if there is one thing Canada has no shortage of, it’s ice rinks. Curling is a great deal less fast paced than all the other sports on this list, but happens to be perfect for betting on, given the precise nature of the game.