Cricket Betting Option for Punters

Cricket Betting Options

There are a number of interesting markets available for individuals who enjoy betting on the cricket games they love watching, and some are so attractive that even those who do not particularly enjoy viewing the games are getting into wagering on them.

One of the betting options is the number of boundaries wager, wherein bettors lay wagers on the number of boundaries, in total numbers of fours or sixes, will be scored. This can be viewed as a team match-up, where some sides will be packed with players that hit sixes with ease, and others may have a predominance of players that are better at working the ball into gaps and hitting fours. There are also some grounds that are more suited to the hitting of sixes, be this as a result of smaller playing areas, like Christchurch in New Zealand, or of matches being played in locations with higher altitude, where the balls flies further through the air, like those in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Best Betting Strategies for Cricket Wagering Online

Punters who are looking to make a little extra money as a result of their online betting activities will need to develop a range of strategies in order to find one that suits them best. There are numerous ways to analyse upcoming matches, no matter what format the particular game is made up of, and doing this will help punters recognise and quickly identify betting values.

The first tip is that the prospective cricket punter researches the conditions the game will be played under: there is no other sport worldwide that is as affected by playing conditions as much as cricket is. Weather is a factor as well, and simply checking the forecasts for the day that the game is set to take place can help players estimate the outcome more correctly.

Knowing the history of the grounds is vital as well, as this helps punter predict what the venue for the cricket match is likely to serve up regarding the pitch and wicket types. The surface upon which the game is played has a massive effect on the outcome of the match, and punters should find out as much as they can about the game venue before gameplay begins.

The outcome of a coin toss can have a huge impact on the result of a Test; ODI; or T20 cricket match, and often teams who bat first, setting up big scores during Test matches, will have this outcome dictate the remainder of the game. This will have a very big influence on punters who are taking advantage of live betting options as the games themselves are unfolding.

Punters should be Knowledgeable to Team’s and Players’ Forms

When punters start betting with the Australian bookmakers, it is of the utmost importance that he or she researches both the performance of the team as a whole, and the individual players making up that team. Knowing whether or not a particular player flourishes when batting on a certain type of ground and struggles buying a run on another is of the utmost importance, and is the kind of information the dedicated punter can easily get his or hands on.