Online Joker Poker from Playtech

Playtech are considered leading providers of good quality games and software. Their version of the Joker Poker video poker game is no different from the traditional version when it comes to the rules of the game but there are certain features such as the visual appeal and sound effects that make it unique.

Joker Poker is a simple version of video poker with one addition being the joker card that is used to create winning poker hands. With the joker in play there are additional chances of winning. Unlike most other video poker games that use fifty two card decks, this one makes use of a fifty three card deck.

Playing Playtech’s Joker Poker Video Poker

Playtech’s version of online Joker Poker video poker follows standard betting options that range between 0.01 and 5.00 per hand played. These can be placed simply by using the buttons displayed on the screen. There is bet max option which will automatically place the maximum bet and qualify the player for the highest pay out of 5 000x the bet for a royal flush.

Five cards are dealt face up after the bet is placed. The player then chooses any or none of the displayed cards that may appear to be part of a ranking poker hand. The remaining cards are then replaced with new cards which make up the final five cards of the hand. The five cards are then evaluated for any ranking poker hands and if there is one it is paid out for according to Playtech’s Joker Poker pay table.

Ranking Order of Joker Poker Hands

Playtech’s Joker Poker version makes use of the same poker rankings as usual which include traditional poker hands and some that are created for the use of the joker card. Up to 5 000x the bet could be won with the highest ranking poker hand. This is a natural royal flush that does not contain a joker card.

The rest of the poker hand rankings from the second highest paying hand to the lowest ranking hand includes the five of a kind, the straight flush, the four of a kind, the full house, the straight, the three of a kind, two pairs and lastly a pair of kings or higher which then includes a pair of aces. These poker hands may all be created with the help of the joker.

Playtech’s Joker Poker Gamble Feature

Playtech’s version of Joker Poker features a standard gamble game that can be played after a win. The full winning amount or half of it may be gambled on  online roulette Australia. The screen will display five playing cards four of which are face down while one is face up.

The goal is to choose one of the four face down playing cards that must be a value higher than the face up playing card to win. The gambled amount will be double if o but if not the entire gambled amount is lost. A choice of playing card with an equal value will result in an option to attempt another choice of the four playing cards or the winning amount will be returned.