Doctor Love Slot Guide & Review for Players Online

Doctor Love is an online slot game created by NYX. It features a theme based around a romantic doctor and his beautiful nurse, as well as other aspects of the medical industry. The graphics and images are no outstanding in comparison to more advanced modern slot games, but they do the job and are successful in creating a whimsical atmosphere.

There is also a lack of ambient music and sound is which is unusual for online slot games and a black mark for an otherwise entertaining game. In terms of play style the game uses a five reel, twenty play line system, as well as allowing the player to decide how many of the lines they would like to bet on.

Of course, the more play lines open, the more chance of winning sequences being created, but the higher the initial bet required. This allows for strategic play that adds a layer of intrigue to the standard slot game formula.

Doctor Love is available for play on desktop, tablet and mobile phone. If wanting to play on a mobile device, please ensure that the game is compatible with your model of phone, although the game is not demanding and should run on most types of modern smart phone.

Basic Visuals And Symbols

Sticking with the hospital theme the symbols used in Doctor Love reflect romance in a hospital environment. The images are all cartoon-like and have a dash of humour, and are bold enough that they are likely to be easily recognisable on a smaller smart phone screen.

The most valuable basic symbol in the game is the beautiful nurse, who may match a minimum of twice with herself, and a maximum of five times. The least valuable symbol in the game is the stethoscope, which pays only a moderate amount even if matching the maximum of five times.

Some of the other symbols used include an ambulance, a teddy bear, an alarm clock, and a sick patient. To cash in and strike it big, however, the player must keep track of the love meter symbol, which is a one-way ticket to riches if matched.

Love Meter Free Spins

The wild symbol is Doctor Love himself, recognisable by his broad goofy smile. He may match with other symbols as a substitute, and is the key to making matching sequences where none were possible. He may also match with himself for massive instant payouts, which makes this one of the truly most entertaining and worthwhile online pokies NZ and other regions have to offer players these days.

The love meter is where the game gets interesting. Recognisable as a thermometer with hearts, the love meter may match with itself up to a total of five times, even if appearing in none matching places on the reels.

Once matched, the love meter will grant free spins based on the number of symbols in the match. A match of three will grant ten free spins, a match of four fifteen free spins, and a match of five twenty free spins.

Once won, free spins will play out automatically, gathering payouts at no cost to the player whatsoever. Hope to see the love meter often during your time with the Love Doctor.